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Name The Real Hero
2018-01-23 21:37:55
Name The Real Hero

Name The Real Hero

Who's a real "HERO"? A fictional character who can dodge bullets or can throw web or a normal person who lives with hundreds of problems but still helps others or a doctor who saves lives of millions of poor patients without thinking of materiel gain. The Real hero is an ordinary person who has done an extra ordinary things in an extra ordinary time. Team Afin salutes those, who have dedicated their lives to help others and betterment of our society. Our contest, "Name The Real Hero"-is a tribute to those mighty souls who have made(still making) this world a better place. Contest Details- Contest will have 6 posts asking 6 different questions.Winner of each post will receive a couple pass for movie at their nearest multiplex. That's not all a SURPRISE grand prize is also there for the HOT SHOT who will answer all the questions correctly (In case no one can answer all the questions correctly the people who will answer maximum no on question [min 4] will be considered for the prize). (No person directly related to Team Afin or his/her relative or close acquaintance can take part in the contest.) Result of phase one: Real Hero: Dr Devi Prasad Shetty Winner: Saswati Sen People who answered correctly: 1. Dipanjan Roy 2. Raja Banerjee 3. Tashmai Das Result of Phase Two: Real Hero: Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Winner Soumitra Sinha People who also answered correctly: 1. Rohit Chaudhary 2. Arijit Sen 3.Dipanjan Ray 4. Saswati Sen 5. Subhankar Saha 6. Supratik Saha 7. Akash 8. Avi Roy 9. Koushik Saha 10. Souvik 11.Nabanita Ghorai 12. Akash Nandi 13. Suman 14. Manoj Patnaik. Result of Phase Three: Real Hero: Dr. Suresh H Advani. Winner: Keya Mahanta. People who also answered correctly: 1. NK 2. Sanchita Samanta 3.Anurag Piplai 4. Rohit Chaudhary 5. Dipankar Das Result of Phase Three: Real Hero: Dr. Nilratan Sarkar. Winner: Soumitra Sinha. People who also answered correctly: 1. Supratik Saha 2. Babu Roy 3. Rohiti 4. Rohit Chaudhary 5. Sanju Roy 6. Amit Roy 7. Koushik Saha 8. Akash 9. Akash Nandi 10. Saswati Sen 11. Subhankar Saha. People who have give most correct answers are: 1. Saswati Sen (3) 2. Rohit Chaudhary(3) - 


Result of Phase V: Real Hero:Dr. Kadambini Ganguly. Winner Navneet Kumar  - Team Afin

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